Who We Are

Growing Expectations is an interior plantscaping company located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Growing Expectations was established in 1982 by Nicola Fiscarelli to serve the corporations of the Princeton area.  Mr. Fiscarelli believed that there was a need for a service to help corporations maintain a professional look in a corporate setting.

Over the years we have grown throughout New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.  In 1987 we had the opportunity to expand by acquiring our local competitor and their accounts.

Today we serve more than 100 businesses including numerous Fortune 500 companies.

  • Watering and feeding as required on a weekly basis.
  • Inspection for and eradication of insects and diseases as required.
  • Trimming as necessary to preserve shape and health.
  • Cleaning and polishing of foliage as often as necessary.
  • Removal of dirt and litter from ground covering to maintain neatness of original installation.
  • Rotation of plant position for re-orientation to light as required for balanced foliage.
  • Weekly report to and monthly inspection by management personnel to preserve high standards of maintenance.

Attractive Interior Plant Guarantee

We guarantee to replace at no cost any plant which does not remain in attractive condition or which loses its original shape through leaf drop or excessive growth.

Growing Expectations, Inc. PO Box 268 Princeton, NJ 08542 Telephone – (609) 924 – 9782 FAX (609) 737 – 2344