How We Work

Creating the appropriate atmosphere and image with living plants. That is our specialty.

Whether it is an office, mall, hotel, retail store or other building interior, we’re experts at enhancing the appearance of commercial and business space with plants.

Our clients expect and receive exceptional performance.

Our in-depth know-how and meticulous attention to detail in planting and then maintaining impressive interior landscapes has made us a leader in our field.

The plantings we install and maintain are a reflection of us as much as they are of our clients. That’s why we take special care during every phase of the interior landscaping process.

Before we install the first plant. . .

. . .our designers visit your facility to check all factors that may create problems – conditions such as lighting, heating, cooling, traffic flow and interior design.

Then we develop a plan using plants that will complement your facility and survive in it. We can work with your designer or directly with you.
Our service only begins with installation.

Once we’ve installed your landscape, our horticultural specialists visit your facility regularly to care for your plants, keep them healthy and attractive.

When necessary, we replace plants that have deteriorated. And we do it rapidly.

The result is exceptional appearance for your building interior every day of the year.
To insure outstanding appearance at all times, we maintain a large inventory of acclimatized tropical plants and trees – plants specially grown to live in building interior conditions.

We stock a large variety of planters and containers to meet almost any interior planting need.
index9.gif (6638 bytes)     Our knowledgeable people recommend, install and then care for your plants.

With trained, uniformed horticulturists we have the staff and support systems necessary to deliver consistent top quality service at prices that are unusually cost effective.

We sell, rent, or lease. How can you use our services? What would it cost? Call us.

We would be pleased to answer your questions. There is no obligation.

The Plantscape Process

Step #1 – Plants
Our design staff will work with you to develop a plan that works within your budget. Selecting the right planters is critical to a good design. We’ll discuss what you like and what you don’t. Our tropical plants and trees will be chosen for your specific environment.
Plant selection is determined by:

  • your available light levels
  • the dimensions of the physical space
  • the desired impact
  • your traffic patterns
  • the HVAC limitations

For important areas, we have the ability to take digital images of you space and install pictures of the plants and planters that we are recommending. This way you can see exactly what the space will look like before you make a purchasing decision. All the guesswork is removed!

Step #2 – Proposal
We will create a comprehensive proposal detailing all of the suggested products and services.

Step #3 – Selection
After your approval, we will hand select your plants from the best nurseries in the country and ship them to our facility. Once at our facility the plants will be carefully unpacked, cleaned & pruned. The foliage and the roots will be checked for overall health and for insects. Excess fertilizer is removed. We will communicate with the planter manufacturer to make sure that the planters are the exact size needed and that they will perfectly match the desired color. The shipping with the plants and the planters will be coordinated to arrive around the same time. All products will arrive and be shipped out in a prompt manner so they will be fresh and un- damaged when they arrive onsite.

Step #4 – Installation
Our professional installers will deliver the plants will in a temperature controlled vehicle. They will be carefully arranged in their final locations so that the best side is facing out. The plants will also be mulched to cover the growing pots inside the planters. Finally, the installer will clean up any dirt or debris leaving your space as clean as when they arrived.

Step #5 – Maintenance

Routine maintenance will begin. We will show up promptly on the regularly scheduled days. Your plants will look will be watered, pruned, dusted…any work that is needed to keep them healthy and vibrant looking will be performed.

Step #6 – Enjoyment
You will enjoy the connection with nature that plants bring.  You will never have to worry about any plant care, sick plants or purchasing replacement plants.

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