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By Paul Zanelli

When it comes to the interior decoration of our own homes we each have different opinions and tastes with regards to color, texture and furniture choices. But when it comes to business premises many would argue that a more neutral decor would be more appropriate as not only can your presentation influence potential or existing clients but it can also have a huge impact on your employees.

When designing or re-designing an office space the color and style are not the only things you have to consider as an employer. Creating a healthy indoor climate is also vital if you want to get the best out of both the building, your employees and of course your customers. A healthy indoor environment can be defined as a space in which every aspect of the surroundings contributes to the productivity, comfort and health and well-being of anyone at work within that space.

More simply put, the space must be well-ventilated, be at an appropriate temperature and humidity level, contain all the relevant equipment and provide adequate lighting and noise levels for employees. On the flip side of this you should also aim to create an office that looks good and that feels nice to be in. There is, after all, nothing worse than a gray drab office that lacks personality. Office plants can of course provide a solution to both these issues as they have significant health and emotional benefits whilst bringing natural color and ambiance to any room. Read More→

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