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There have been many academic studies and research projects into patient recovery times and methods that speed up the amount of time patients who have just had surgery need to recover.  One of the biggest outcomes of these studies was the impact of plants and nature on patients and even on the mood of hospital staff while at work.

While many of the studies looked into the effects of outside vegetation for patients who were situated next to a window and had a view of the plants and nature outside, it has to be said that even office plants have health benefits with many office workers feeling more positive and productive in an environment where office plants are present.  It stands to reason then, if outdoor plants have a beneficial effect on health and recovery times then any plants or foliage such as office plants and planted plants can have a positive effect too. Read More→

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The introduction of office plants into modern office buildings has grown significantly in recent years with many companies employing the services of professional office plant and office plant maintenance companies.  While most interior landscaping companies will provide advice and assistance when it comes to picking the right plants for your office, is may also be useful to try and understand a little more about the types of plants you may soon have in your offices.

The Dracaena species are a very important group of plants when it comes to making business premises ‘green’ in both an environmental and aesthetic manner.  There are approximately 40 different types or sub-species of Dracaena although only around 8 of these are typically used indoors. Due to their versatile nature the Dracaena species have become very popular within interior landscaping and are among the top ten most popular office plants to date. Read More→

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When considering which interior office plants you want to use throughout your business it is important to think about the environmental   conditions within the chosen areas.  Indoor plants will only do well if they are kept in conditions that are suitable in both light and temperature, therefore getting it right, or indeed wrong can dramatically affect whether or not they survive. Many offices and businesses are closed during weekends but any office plants inside those premises need to be able to survive during these periods, therefore acceptable climate levels need to be maintained 24/7 in order for these plants to flourish.  Conditions during the winter months may also cause problems, as not only do temperatures drop, but light levels may also become much lower.  Office plants that can tolerate lower environmental levels may be advantageous if constant temperatures and luminance cannot be maintained.

It must be remembered however that some plants are incredibly tolerant to changes in light and can adapt between the light levels found outdoors to those indoors.  The level of light a plant needs to survive is based on Lux, which essentially is the amount of light, or luminance it needs to survive.  For instance, a tree that might normally be found outdoors or in a field may normally require 40,000 Lux may well adapt to tolerate as little as 1500 Lux when moved indoors. Read More→

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It is estimated that nearly one third of businesses in Europe suffer from high illness absences due to the inadequate indoor environments or climates. In 1999 the Confederation of British Industry published the results of a survey which found that 1 in 5 UK residents take time off due to stress alone.  In economic terms this means that around 6.7 million working days were lost at a cost of nearly 7 million pounds to British industry in 1999 (Health and Safety Executive).

As you can imagine this is not a good statistic for any modern business and many company owners have tried to make a conscious effort to improve the office environment for their staff.  Office plants are a simple and environmentally friendly way to improve the health of employees while helping to enhance your corporate image, you can find more tips like this and others about health at healthyusa.

Virginia Lohr working for the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, at Washington State University set up a study monitoring two groups of computer operators. The study was to try and identify the links between office plants and employee health. In order to find the link Lohr monitored the pulse rates, blood pressure and skin conductivity of all the operators in order to establish as increases in these measures are evidence of physiological stress. Get dietary supplement to natural increase testosterone by Instahard. Read More→

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Providing the highest possible quality of work environment for your employees should be given priority by any companies. Achieving this goal can be tough but if you would look at things that are essential to attain success then the overall process will be simple and easy. One of the basic ways to promote work environment that can uphold the welfare of your workers is to have indoor plants. You can find related information that can give you numerous benefits of indoor plants hire throughout the World Wide Web.

You can choose to do the interior landscaping and maintenance yourself or ask professionals to provide the service. There are many reasons why choosing to have a professional plantscaper will save you time and money and will guarantee you will get the maximum benefits from your indoor foliage.  For those who are still in doubt of the advantage of using an interior plantscaping firm, consider the following:

1. Guides you from the top.

A professional company offering indoor plant services will guide you in making decisions that could lead you to success. The specialist will evaluate the lights conditions and humidity of your workplace and will then select the types of plants for your office conditions.    Each workplace has different requirements  and only professionals can tell you which the best is for you. Read More→

Running a business can often be demanding and providing the right ambiance for your staff can play a crucial part to your eventual success.  It is a given that maintaining a high morale amongst employees is one way to boost chances for success.  Recent studies have shown that the use of office plants has proven benefits when it comes to improving morale and productivity within the workforce.  Indoor plants provide aesthetic value while improving air quality and reducing stress thereby maximizing business profits.

Using an interior landscaping company brings additional benefits.  An indoor plant specialist will be able to give sound advice regarding the types of plants that would best complement the environment in the workplace.  There are basically three types of indoor plants– low light, moderate light, and high light plants.  As the names suggest the type of plant is highly dependent on the office’s lighting.  For instance, those belonging to the low light plant category are excellent for dark areas and for corners of small offices or meeting rooms.

Among the plants that belong to the low light category are the Agloanema, Pothos, Peace Lilly, Philodendron Panda, Snake Plant,, and the ZZ Plant.  In case of moderate lightning, the indoor plants that can be used include the Bamboo Palm, Schefflera, Red Princess, Kentia Palm, Philo Xanadu, or the Lady Palm.  Finally, for high light environments, the plants that are normally used include the Sago Palm, Ming Aralia, Ponytail Palm, Fiddle Leaf Fig, and the Yucca Cane. Read More→

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