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By Milos Pesic

The past two decades has brought a revolutionary change in the ideas of interior landscaping. making it more popular today. Many homes, shopping malls, office buildings and commercial establishments have been designed with certain areas that are especially meant for landscaping of plants inside them. Interior landscaping of plants enhances the look of the place and makes it green and pleasing to the eyes. People today want to have indoor plants in their living rooms and their work places.

The first thing that an interior landscape designer must consider is the environmental factors that pertain to the area being designed. The main considerations include ample light – this could include artificial or natural light, the supply of water, air circulation, drainage and many other factors that are related to interior landscaping plants.

Interior landscaping plants must be kept healthy and attractive all the time, but it must be remembered that plants do not grow naturally inside buildings or houses and hence plants that grow in such areas need special care for their growth and survival. The choice of right plants will make it easier to take care of them. Read More→

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CalScape Expo 2010

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by Susan Fiscarelli

We just got back from the Calscape Expo in San Diego, a yearly international  conference put on by PIA for members of the interior plantscaping industry.It is forum for plantscapers  to get together to learn about innovations and trends through informative seminars conducted by industry leaders.  It is the only one strictly for interior plantscaping.  The seminars combined with the Exhibitor Showcase provided the opportunity to be exposed to the cutting edge trends not only in design but also the technological advancements  in maintenance of  the foliage .

There is no greener industry than interior plantscaping, an industry that started the whole “green” movement .  The individual who has contributed mightily to the interior plantscape industry through his pioneering research on the ability of indoor plants to remove volatile  organic compounds from indoor air, Mr. Bill Wolverton, was inducted into the Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame.  On Growing Expectations original website from 1982, there was a whole page on Dr. Wolverton and his research which was funded by NASA.  It was such a privilege to be in his company as he has always been an inspiration to Growing Expectations for the 25 years we have been in business.  Growing Expectations has always been green not only in its philosophy but also in practice. Read More→

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Common indoor houseplants may provide a valuable weapon in the fight against rising levels of indoor air pollution. The plants in your office or home are not only decorative, but NASA scientists are finding them surprisingly useful in absorbing potentially harmful gases and cleaning the air inside modern buildings.

A sophisticated pollution-absorbing device: the common indoor plant may provide a natural way of helping combat “Sick Building Syndrome”.

Research into the use of biological processes to solve environmental problems, both on Earth and in space has been carried out for many years by Dr. Bill Wolverton, formerly a senior research scientist at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center, Bay St. Louis, Miss. Read More→


Why Have Office Plants

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By Carl Liver

There is nothing better for making the office space more pleasurable, healthy and welcoming than the addition of office plants. The wide range of interior plants means the exact look of the business environment is thoroughly customizable to the desires of employers and employees alike.

Improving the aesthetic of the office environment is vitally important for the comfort and well-being of the office workforce and can also play a great part in projecting a positive corporate image when welcoming clients into your business.

There are many benefits and advantages to the installation of office plants. It is widely proven that interior plants can vastly enhance the business atmosphere and working ambiance, boosting the well-being of the workforce and raising efficiency and productivity levels.

The drab and conservative aesthetic of the average office space can be reinvigorated and revitalized with the addition of the glowing greenery of office plants. When a company shows it is conscious of its environment it suggests their commitment to ensuring their stylish corporate image matches their strong reputation for great business.

Furthermore, with eco-friendly protocols such an important standard in today’s business world, interior plants can symbolize a company’s corporate social responsibility and dedication to meeting environmental duties. A green office environment speaks suggests a green business ethic. Read More→

By Joe Cline

Indoor plants bring a warmth and natural atmosphere to the home or office and can be a great decorating tool to compliment your furnishings and architecture. Choose your color, size, leaf design and maintenance requirements from a bevy of indoor beauties to call your own, many of which only ask for an occasional drink and pruning.

Plants Toxic to Animals.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, there are over 700 harmful and sometimes deadly plants that can poison our pets and should never be grown inside or outside on your property. Cats in particular will nibble the leaves and seeds unaware of the adverse reaction to follow which, in many cases, is fatal. Check with HumaneSociety.Org for a comprehensive list of deadly houseplants that can harm your beloved pet. Cardiac arrest, kidney failure, neurological disorders and gastrointestinal disruptions are the most common symptoms from plant toxins and must be treated immediately. Read More→

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By Carl Liver

Looking for a quick an easy improvement to your workplace? Want to make your business more aesthetically pleasing to customers and staff alike? Interior plants offer a solution for you. Plants can brighten up a workplace; complement the decor, add an artistic element and offer health benefits too. With options ranging from outright purchase, plant maintenance contracts, rentals with office plant maintenance included, plants can be tailored to all budgets and the needs of each individual workplace.

Replica flowers can be had for an artistic display and contemporary, no maintenance still life, displays will certainly catch the eye. Using artificial plants not only takes away the need for office plant maintenance but also allows plants to be made to order to suit very specific requirements. These are often used in low light or hard to access areas where live interior plants are unsuitable. They are extremely realistic and comply with  safety requirements.

The real draw though is live plants. Normally taken on a rental agreement comprising an office plant maintenance contract to take the hard work out of your hands, although outright purchase is available with a maintenance contract as well, interior plants can be designed to suit any business. The benefits of live plants are well known. Recent studies have shown dramatic drops in overall stress levels in the workplace when interior plants are introduced. Live office plants filter the air removing toxins and pollutants, add oxygen and increase humidity. All of these combined can increase productivity and lower absenteeism. Any business would welcome these beneficial effects of office plants. Read More→

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