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Having problems of a bare space inside your house? Are you confused on how to create a positive vibe around it? Or do you want your indoors to have a touch of Mother Nature?

All of these questions are commonly boggling the minds of many citizens in the United States today, especially those who are living in a highly urbanized area. These are also some of the common quandaries, that you can meet at home, especially if you are more of a nature-lover person, or you want to spice up your house spaces with a touch of the color “green.”

The best answer to these problems is simply by placing some indoor plants inside your home. Isn’t it fantastic? Or do you still want some good reasons for it? Read More→

By Ian MckIntosh

There are various indoor plants used for decorating houses and offices. The common and mostly used varieties are as given below:

Pothos or (Epipremnum aureum) – They make an excellent decoration. They can be used on hanging baskets or pots. The more sunlight and frequent watering, better the growth of these plants. They can also grow in less sunlight, thus making them ideal for dark areas. Amongst the varieties, the marbled queen has yellowish white leaves whereas the golden variety has golden streaks on its green leaves.

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Growing Expectations is well aware of the reaction people in offices have to indoor plants. When we freshly install plants the staff’s reaction is nearly always positive and welcoming, and most people would like to have a plant near their desk. The plants appear to improve staff morale. On the other hand, taking away the plants is not popular, and we have been asked at times by management to remove the plants when the staff is not there, to try and limit the impact of their removal on morale.

I suppose it does make sense that people have an affinity with greenery. It is part of nature, and we have lived close to plants for millions of years, it is only recently that we have started to lock ourselves into concrete boxes well away from nature. I suppose, as the saying goes, indoor plants bring the outside in. Read More→

by Robert William

Imagine yourself in a place where flowers are swaying gently and the scent of freshly pruned plants are blowing across the yard and you with your friends sipping a frosty glass of ice-cold gently sweetened blueberry slush to make your day unforgettable.  Such a place often relaxes and restores your inner peace. To enhance the interiors of your home or office, nowadays, people are opting for interior landscaping.  It is a practice of designing, arranging, and caring for living plants in indoor environment. It reshapes the interior by adding ornamentation, color, sculptural elements, and focal points and makes your area more lively and beautiful.

Interior landscaping is no longer restricted to home or residence, as it has gained the importance in public places, hotels, businesses and the corporate world.  No matter what the time of year, you can start doing interior landscaping to make your area greener and healthier. Some points that need to be considered while doing landscaping in indoor areas are: Read More→

We all know that women have a soft spot for gardening and all things beautiful. Therefore it comes as no surprise that women love to flaunt pretty little indoor plants in their living rooms or bedroom or on their kitchen window sills. Just imagine a beautiful little indoor plant in full bloom lending cheer and color to your kitchen space or brightening up the hallway. It is for women like you that I have compiled the following list of indoor plants favored by most women.


Are you a busy working woman with kids and hardly have any spare time on your hands? Then having a Schefflera plant in your house will be an excellent option for you. Most women love its looks and it needs to be watered once every week. Miniature Schefflera can be placed on floors beside windows for maximum visual effect. Read More→

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The world has been struggling with pollution, carbon emission, and global warming for some time now. The best way to live a human’s life here on earth is to get as close to nature as possible. In contemporary times, global warming has taken its toll on living organisms here on earth. More than 100,000 people have been killed by disasters due to climate change.We can help save our species and restore the beauty and kindness of Mother Earth by starting to align ourselves with nature.

Planting Indoors: The First Step

No one can deny the beauty and marvel of nature in its wildest and rarest form. People always take time to plan and prepare trips to the beach, mountains, falls, and other spots where huge stone buildings and busy streets are almost nonexistent. The rich and fresh air, serene and sacred aura of trees, soothing and calming waves, — these are all gifts of nature to man’s overworked soul. Man is at peace with nature; after a stressful time in urban reality he needs rest and relaxation, he goes home in nature. Read More→


Indoor Plants for Business

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Indoor plants for businesses are a sound corporate investment. There are many well documented benefits to the installation of office plants and time should be taken to choose the interior greenery which will best suit your existing office decor and positively promote your corporate image.

There are professional interior plantscapers that can help you with your decisions in choosing from the wide range of indoor plants for businesses currently available. Many plantscapers have a huge choice of indoor plants to buy or indoor plants to rent which can be placed in combination with one another to complement your surroundings and aesthetic vision for your office space.

Indoor plants for businesses greatly lift the atmosphere of the busy office and establish a pleasant ambiance which works wonders on the everyday working experience of employers, employees and visiting clients who will leave your business with a lasting and favorable impression of your company. Read More→

From The Home Look

Plants bring movement and life to every room in your home and has the advantage of changing the look of a room without major adjustments and costs. Even the smallest splash of green can enliven a space. There are many benefits to having indoor plants in your home other than aesthetic values. Indoor plants can also provide an uplifting spirit that can calm and relax you when you’re feeling stressed. Not to forget also the improved air quality and oxygen they provide so you can breathe easy. Read More→

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