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If you’re in the market for new or additional plants, it’s important to source them when purchasing them online. By doing this, you can be sure of getting the very best deals. Buying plants for the office can be a fun, exciting experience. There are so many potential varieties of office plants. Collecting them in an office setting can actually be a fun, enjoyable hobby of its own.

Using plants in the office can make your environment not only more attractive and cosy, but the health benefits of plants are undeniable. Plants give off fresh oxygen to increase the health quality of the office air. When you first start to shop around on different websites to decide where to buy your plants, your search may be somewhat time consuming, especially if you’re seeking the very best deals around. That’s why it’s essential to write down and mark where you’ve found the best value, quality, freshness, variety, and prices of your plants. If you don’t source this information, it’s very easy to forget it. Then you’ll have to go through the same time consuming process all over again from the very beginning. Read More→

by Julia Stewart

Perhaps you received an amaryllis bulb as a gift for the holidays. No other interior flower can add such a volume of delightful color in a home during the long winters than the amaryllis. With so many colors to choose from – white, with streaks of red, various shades of red, orange,and yellow you will certainly want to take care of your plant to insure that it reblooms year after year. It’s not hard to do once you know the secrets.


The large amaryllis bulbs are often purchased in potted kit form with directions included. These potted bulbs require only watering and light to begin growth. Plants which are already growing are available at many florists.

If you purchase unpotted bulbs, choose a pot or container having drainage only 1-2 inches larger in diameter than the bulb’s diameter. When planting the bulb there should be only ¾ to 1 inch of space between the bulb and the sides of the pot. Use a potting soil consisting of equal parts garden loam, peatmoss, and Perlite or sand. Packaged, commercial potting soils having good drainage may also be used. Read More→

by Paul Kramer

Another positive development has been the increased attention paid to producing highly fragrant flowers. A plant in full flower will quickly fill an entire room with its sweet perfume. Cyclamen will thrive in light, airy conditions, but they should be kept sway from drafts and too much direct sunlight. They abhor both drought and high humidity. Marines Plumbing services are here by your side to assist in it. Too much or too little water will cause serious damage.

Never water over the foliage and flowers, because this will encourage rot. It is far better to water around the plants at soil level, especially where several cyclamen are planted in a single container, or to water into a saucer below the plant if the container has drainage holes. Use soft water or clean rainwater. Do not place pots of cyclamen close to a heat source or behind a closed curtain in the evening. Read More→

by Victor Epand – Poinsettia Expert

There are millions of poinsettias sold very year around the holiday season. They are a distinct symbol of the Christmas holidays. If you are thinking of buying some this year, here are some facts you may find interesting.

What are the sizes and colors of poinsettias? Then three to six bloom red poinsettias are the most popular. You can find miniature poinsettias in 3 inch to 4 inch pots. These are ideal for table settings and accents. You can also purchase 8 in, 10 in, and even larger sized pots. For color variations you can find pink and coral shades, marbled pink and white, speckled, and soft yellow.

What is the best way to select a poinsettia? You should choose plants with that have completely colored and expanded bracts. The bracts are the colorful part of the poinsettia. The flower part is the small yellow parts in the center. Pearland florist recommends that you should look for plants with dense foliage close to the soil line. Read More→

Poinsettias continue to be the most popular Christmas time plant in the United States. Of course, with so many varieties and colors available today it’s really no surprise. Their blooming period is perfectly timed for Christmas to make any home even more beautiful for the holidays. And since today’s poinsettias have been carefully bred for to withstand the rigors of shipping in just about any climate, they can be found in every nook and corner of the US.

If you plan to give a poinsettia this holiday season, consider adding a personal touch by sharing a short story that tells your recipient even more about their gift. You can just use the parts you want from below and print a note or send an email as a follow-up after it arrives. It’s a small thing to do but adds a nice personal touch. Read More→


The Christmas Cactus

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The sight of the brightly colored flower of the Christmas cactus instantly brings warmth during the chilling winter season. It has lived for to provide us with the abundant blooms that make our festival a success. The holiday season is over. It’s resting time for the Christmas cactus. Allow it the rest it deserves and prepare it for the upcoming holiday season. In order to take Christmas cactus care, it is important to know what its requirements are, know what hampers its growth and follow the Christmas cactus instructions mentioned here.

The Christmas cactus is tropical in nature and belongs to the zygo-cactus family. Though the name suggests that it originates from the cactus family, its environmental requirements are quite different from the desert cactus. The Christmas cactus plant is an epiphyte that is a native to Central and South America and it naturally grows in the cervices of tree trunks and branches. The organic matter trapped in the cervices of trees provides the required moisture for the growth of the cactus.

Man has come up with new techniques in hybridization of Christmas cactus which has resulted in the introduction of three most popular holiday cacti. They are, Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas cactus. Care of Christmas cactus has to be taken to ensure that we enjoy the blooms for a long time. For the Christmas cactus to grow and flourish, optimal growing conditions must be provided. Though the cactus performs well under average home conditions with moderate care, there are various factors that can deter the plant from blooming. Read More→

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