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Quirky Containers

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Quirky containers. Don’t these look excellent? The plants are Sansevieria laurentii  and the containers black curved fiberglass towers, 12″ wide x 30″ high. They create a great screen, as well as a talking point!

Today. containers come in so many forms not just round or square. As with technology, today’s décor is becoming that of very a smooth, minimalistic, pure color design. This is often referred to as a Japanese style of design.

Aside from the modern and decorative designs, commercial planters nowadays are also more functional than before. They can now have self-watering features, may include sub-irrigation systems for root growth, and can be made of durable materials. This will reduce the need for frequent watering and and cut down on the costs of maintaining the health of your plants. Read More→

When plants transpire water vapor from their leaves, they pull air down around their roots. This supplies their root microbes with oxygen. The root microbes also convert other substances in the air, such as toxic chemicals, into a source of food and energy. Microbes, such as bacteria, can rapidly adapt to a chemical contaminant by producing new colonies that are resistant to the chemical. As a result, they become more effective at converting toxic chemicals into food the longer they are exposed to the chemicals. It is also important to remember that the efficiency of plants as a filtering device increases as the concentration of chemicals in the air increases. For example, the removal rate of a chemical is much higher at 7 parts per million (ppm) exposure than at 2 ppm. (per study listed above.) Read More→

Calling All Orchid Lovers

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Flowering plants are always popular but the queen of all indoor flowering plants is the orchid. It makes no difference whether it is a home or office, orchids are the clear winner.  There can be several reasons for this: the bloom lasts a long time, they bloom continually, they are challenging to grow, and they complement most decors.  In offices, the orchids are usually the responsibility of a professional interior plantscaping company that rotates them. But when it comes to the home, many people complain that they stop blooming after the initial blooms are gone.  One way to have success with your orchid is to know what to look for when you buy it.  Meghan Carter from Ask the Decorator shares some tips on buying orchids.

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Make Your Houseplants Thrive!

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How many times have you bought a beautiful indoor plant from a greenhouse or garden center only to have it go downhill from the minute you placed it in a room.  The reason for this is called acclimatization. Most houseplants have been grown in greenhouses with perfect light and humidity. These plants are happy because all of their needs are being met. Some plants are grown directly outdoors and before they can be sold directly to the consumer must be brought into greenhouses to accustom them to different light and humidity conditions. This is called acclimatization or in layman’s terms letting the plant get use to less light and humidity. This is what you have to do when you bring a plants home, acclimate them, get it accustomed to a change in conditions.

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The following information comes from Plants for Life, which aims to promote and recognize the real benefits of indoor plants in the home, the workplace, the environment and to our personal health. Plants for Life is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization that collates and communicates independent academic research into the health and well-being that indoor plants bring to our every day lives.

FACT: Indoor plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold-related illnesses by more than 30%

Contact with plants and nature is a calming tonic for the body and soul. More and more scientific research is proving that being near plants is good for our mental and physical well-being. Plants help reduce stress, make people happier, lower symptoms of discomfort and minor ailments, speed recovery from illness, improve concentration, productivity and creativity, save energy and create clean air in a green and natural way.

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Many of us know the benefits of plants.  They release oxygen into the air, clean the air of harmful pollutants, improve employee morale, help patients to heal faster, and decrease absenteeism.  But our knowledge of the many ways plants benefit us continues to grow. Now they are on the way to becoming the sweetheart of Homeland Security.

A Colorado State University biologist has created a species of “plant sentinels” capable of detecting explosives and other environmental contaminants.

So, how do the plants sniff out dangerous substances?

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Indoor plants are very pleasing for a number of reasons. The visual appeal of rooms everywhere are increased by including plants and flowers within the confines of man-made walls. Everyone is familiar with the beauty of a newly delivered bouquet of flowers or a special plant. With this beauty comes wilting and fading over the course of a short period of time. However, LED grow lights for home & office offer a solution for people everywhere who want to have healthy indoor flowers and plants.

Roses, for example, can now be grown indoors thanks to the invention of grow lights. Roses have long been viewed as a symbol of love and are admired for their aesthetic beauty and pleasing fragrance. Naturally occurring sunlight is not needed to obtain outstanding results. Breathtaking roses can be a part of any indoor environment by using these special lights.

Roses are but one of many options for people who want to have a small indoor garden. Other flowers that may otherwise be slightly difficult to grow are able to grow in a controlled environment. African Violets and Orchids respond well to this simulated light. Vegetables including lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes can be grown indoors as well. Additionally, herbs such as parsley, rosemary, and thyme can be raised without the nuisance of common outdoor pests. Read More→

God has given man all he needs to survive life. He gave us air, light and even food without spending a dime in acquiring it. Relatively these needs are all that we need to make it through. But unfortunately the economic slump is a rude awakening that man needs to go to his office and work eight hours a day or even more just to make it through rough times. Luckily office plants can be our greatest consolation to the chaotic world of business.

Potted wonders can do wonders in the workspace. Green does not denote money alone in the business world. It can be a small priceless investment of greenery within the establishment. A small haven is a small investment for weary employees to have in a busy workday. Allowing nature to penetrate your work area can do wonders in increasing creativity and function thus leading to better sales output for the company.

These aesthetic gifts of nature are more than just decors to a workspace. The colorful play of color sometimes gives a feeling of relaxation, inspiration and determination to make it through the day. Sadly it only takes 15 minutes to enjoy relax mode on a busy day. Fortunately plants give us that soothing feel without exerting too much effort. Read More→

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