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Indoor plants die more often from overwatering than being irrigated less frequently or under watering. Beginning gardeners tend to love their plants to death. This applies to plants such as geraniums, herbs, tropical, and foliage plants, in fact just about any plant that you can grow indoors. This landscaping tip for indoor plants does not involve any high–tech tools, it only requires your finger. Touch the soil with a finger, if it comes away dry then water the plant thoroughly until water pours out the bottom of the pot. If your finger comes away damp, then walk away and do not water. Watering when the plant does not require water will drown the roots and lead to premature plant death. Remember that these are not the bog plants, they are foliage plants and while they may not appreciate bone–dry conditions, they will die under swampy conditions. Many of our indoor plants are also struggling with low light levels during our winter months, and they are slowing down their growth rates. As they go to sleep, and you increase the watering, you are adding stress, more stress than they deserve, to their lives. For more information and other garden videos about beginner gardening topics please see or contact me at

While getting the Office Cleaning Cornwall services is an excellent way to keep your office clean, it is equally essential to keep it fresh as well. In an article for Simply Business, Josh Hall listed  7 Top Tips for a Green Office. Although they were excellent, he left out a major tip for making your office green.  Laura Hampton of the interior landscaping group eFIG (The European Federation of Interior Landscaping Groups) explains why every office should include plants.

1. Plants clean the air

Plants have been scientifically proven toremove and VOCs from the air. These toxins are emitted into our environment, particularly our office spaces, by everyday objects and materials such as computers, printers, clothing and even carpets. By turning these toxins into food for themselves and, in turn, emitting oxygen, plants clean the air we breathe. Read More→


Gardening With A Purpose

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Spring is synonomous with garden. When we hear spring is coming , our minds picture flowers, vegetables and a bursts of color. The winter has been long, cold and dreary. Now we get excited about getting our gardens ready for planting. From an article from here’s a glimpse of what Susan McCoy, garden trend spotter, and others see for 2011.

.Nine out of 10 households want to manage their lawns and gardens in an environmentally friendly way, according to the National Gardening Association. “Gardens continue to reflect awareness of how our landscapes enhance and improve the environment around us,” Patricia St. John, president of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers,said of this trend. Read More→

Live office plants are becoming the most sought decor in companies today. They have become more inclined to natural decors promoting a cost effective way of improving the interiors without permanent or expensive adjustments. No longer do employees have to wait for break time to breath and relax. Sit down, relax and enjoy nature without being late. Surely a wondrous pot of plant can give more than just a good view in your workplace.

Potted wonders can do wonders in the workspace. Green does not denote money alone in the business world. It can be a small priceless investment of greenery within the establishment. A small haven is a small investment for weary employees to have in a busy. Allowing nature to penetrate your work area can do wonders in increasing creativity and function thus leading to better sales output for the company.

Beautifying the office does not need to be expensive. It does not take long to create a sight of beauty. One simply must unleash creativity to come up with a good design. Use of natural plants does not only make things attractive it has its health benefits as well. Truly it is a free gift from our creator. No longer do we have to spend nor go far to make it work for us. Read More→


Every business owner and manager wants results.

Something that’s always on the mind of business owners is the morale of the employees. Managers want their employees to be happy and working efficiently. Happy and healthy employees are not only good for business, but when people are happy and healthy it’s better for their own lives in the long term. With many businesses, employees spend a good portion of their lives in an office or building. The setting can determine – to a point – how healthy they are.

And beyond employees, a business’ customers are important as well.

A business owner or manager realizes these things. What is often difficult to understand for these business decision makers is how they can improve their business environment.

Interiorscapers understand how indoor plants can benefit a building’s ecosystem, but it’s more important to get the point across and educate business owners. With education, business owners will know they’re doing something to not only improve their business, but to improve the lives of their employees. For a free interior plantscaping consultation schedule an appointment at


How to Light Indoor Plants

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By Lacy Enderson

Light Indoor Plants

A simple matter of fact is that plants need light to grow, but the question is, what to do in the winter when it is dark? With technology advancement, finding appropriate lighting is easy. With so many different sized lamps, you can light up even the largest plants. But light bulbs and fixtures can be expensive, so be sure to shop around for the best prices. If you are planting an indoor flower garden and you need some information on lighting options, read through the following steps. Whether it is during the light of summer or the dark of winter, with proper lighting you will soon have a beautiful and flourishing indoor flower garden. Read More→

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