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By Milos Pesic

The past two decades has brought a revolutionary change in the ideas of interior landscaping. making it more popular today. Many homes, shopping malls, office buildings and commercial establishments have been designed with certain areas that are especially meant for landscaping of plants inside them. Interior landscaping of plants enhances the look of the place and makes it green and pleasing to the eyes. People today want to have indoor plants in their living rooms and their work places.

The first thing that an interior landscape designer must consider is the environmental factors that pertain to the area being designed. The main considerations include ample light – this could include artificial or natural light, the supply of water, air circulation, drainage and many other factors that are related to interior landscaping plants.

Interior landscaping plants must be kept healthy and attractive all the time, but it must be remembered that plants do not grow naturally inside buildings or houses and hence plants that grow in such areas need special care for their growth and survival. The choice of right plants will make it easier to take care of them.

Fortunately, the recent developments that have taken place in interior landscaping have by and large improved the conditions of plants that are used for this purpose. An evolution of a wide varieties of plants from their tropical origins have made them suitable for interior landscaping. The distinctive categories that these plants belong to, depending on their light requirements, are low light, medium light, high light, and very high light.

Parlor Palm and Neanthe Bell Palm which are more like shrubs require low light and a lot of water. Plants that require low light are ideal for keeping indoors where natural light is minimal or not present at all, or where a small fluorescent light is the only primary source of light.

Madagascar Dragon Tree and the Laurel Fig come under the medium light plants. These indoor plants will survive even if the gardening habits are poor and even if they are not watered properly.

High light plants require a light that is equivalent to 500-foot candles. Clustered Fishtail Palm, Elephant Foot Tree, European Fan Palm, Miniature Date Palm are plants that require very high light. Queens Palm and Lad Palm require light that is equivalent to 1000-foot candles.

Though most of these indoor plants can withstand interior environment conditions, they need to be taken care of properly because they are vulnerable to pests and insects. Make sure to give the plants the correct amount of fertilizers as too much may damage and kill the plant. Manage the size of the plant by using the right container size. Make sure that these plants do not come in your way. The plant may undergo a period of acclimation if you have bought it from a greenhouse. It may initially lose a few leaves but will gradually get used to the new environment. Consult an interior landscaping expert on the kind of plants that you can keep indoors.

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