Calling All Orchid Lovers

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Flowering plants are always popular but the queen of all indoor flowering plants is the orchid. It makes no difference whether it is a home or office, orchids are the clear winner.  There can be several reasons for this: the bloom lasts a long time, they bloom continually, they are challenging to grow, and they complement most decors.  In offices, the orchids are usually the responsibility of a professional interior plantscaping company that rotates them. But when it comes to the home, many people complain that they stop blooming after the initial blooms are gone.  One way to have success with your orchid is to know what to look for when you buy it.  Meghan Carter from Ask the Decorator shares some tips on buying orchids.

How to Select the Right Orchid

If you are interested in knowing more about orchids or orchid rotations in a work environment, Growing Expectations can help you. You can schedule a consultation at info@interiorofficeplants.com.

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