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By Randolph Craig

Interior plants and modern architectural designs go hand-in-hand. The people who do the internal decoration of buildings understand that all rooms are improved when healthy, natural vegetation, is present, whether flowers or leaves. The atmosphere in these areas becomes alive, rather than sterile and unwelcoming.

They may be placed in pots that are positioned to break a hard, uncompromising line in the architecture. Their presence adds warmth, creating an ambiance that is synchronized with the nature around them. They grow and change, making people get a sense of life from their surrounds and even become more aware of their natural environment. Read More→

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time once again for the annual tug-of-war over what’s appropriate – if anything – when it comes to seasonal decorations in public spaces. With half of our waking hours spent working, it’s not a surprise that many wish to liven up the daily office grind with some fun seasonal decor.

The problems generally arise when there are differing opinions on what is appropriate and whose holiday is being celebrated. In most cases, we have adopted an “all in” mentality – mixing Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa traditions, depending on the makeup of the office staff. In the best circumstances, this fosters a nice camaraderie between co-workers. In the worst, it can become a battle of personal expression vs. the rights of those who don’t celebrate the season and prefer not to deal with it for half of their waking hours. Generally, it makes sense for a company to establish a written policy based on safety issues as well as the general cultural makeup of employees and customers. Read More→

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By Bill Shank

In the mid-19th century, a craze for cultivating exotic plants indoors swept England. The Victorian home was more agreeable for plants than most modern living quarters because it was not overheated, but less agreeable because it was so dark. People filled their homes with freshly imported flora from all over the world, displaying their treasures in myriad inventive new ways. The plans I suggest for creating intriguing indoor gardens are actually based on Victorian examples that are just as fresh and innovative today as they were a century and a half ago. Read More→


Do Plants Need Soil to Grow?

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I try to include many different topics in my blog, not only issues that relate to interior plantscaping. After looking back on my many blogs, I noticed that there us a very important type of growing plants that I have never addressed: hydroponics. Sharon Falsetto wrote a great article to introduce my readers to hydroponics. There are some types of plants which grow without the need for soil; these types of plants are known as hydroponic plants and air plants. I hope you find it informative and that sparks your interest.

Only Use Professionals!

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by Robin Paul

Keeping your office a bright and lively place to work is very important these days. This can increase your staff’s productivity, as well as make the place a more pleasant environment to work in every day. With plants, you can do all this, as well as getting a very reasonable price for the service.

Office plants are a great investment for your company as they bring with them so many benefits. Not only do plants make the office space welcoming and bright, they make your workers feel more at home. This means your office space can be more productive. Staff will enjoy their time there, while clients will want to come back when they realise what a positive work space and work force they have. Read More→

Interior decor has many facets.  It increases the pleasure of our living and soothes our feelings.  For interior decoration, indoor plants add a special charm to both modern and classic interiors.  Whether they are alive and growing or artificial replicas of botanical specimens, house plants can lend a touch of warmth and vitality to any living area or commercial environment, helping to relax visitors and guests and delivering a message of welcome.  Their presence shows that the occupant has an appreciation for things natural, something to which we can all relate.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous.  They brighten up your home or office, blend in with all types of themes and can be used with different types of pots according to the theme of your home.  Caring for indoor plants makes for a great hobby.  Home decor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home. Read More→

People who grow bonsai for various reasons are different then people who merely are looking for an interesting plant, see and like a bonsai, buy it and take it home. One thing that these people may not realize is that the bonsai is supposed to be an outdoor plant, not an indoor plant, although since the 1990s it is becoming more and more as a piece of indoor decor. Different kinds of plants are used for indoor bonsai as opposed to outside, so make sure you place the tree in the appropriate location.So, once you’ve got it home, and inside your house, then what do you do with it?The bonsai is not frozen in time in precisely the shape you like, never to change, never to die. It’s still a living plant and must be carefully tended and pruned to remain the way you want it to be. Read More→

Live office plants are becoming the most sought decor in companies today. They have become more inclined to natural decors promoting a cost effective way of improving the interiors without permanent or expensive adjustments. No longer do employees have to wait for break time to breath and relax. Sit down, relax and enjoy nature without being late. Surely a wondrous pot of plant can give more than just a good view in your workplace.

Potted wonders can do wonders in the workspace. Green does not denote money alone in the business world. It can be a small priceless investment of greenery within the establishment. A small haven is a small investment for weary employees to have in a busy. Allowing nature to penetrate your work area can do wonders in increasing creativity and function thus leading to better sales output for the company.

Beautifying the office does not need to be expensive. It does not take long to create a sight of beauty. One simply must unleash creativity to come up with a good design. Use of natural plants does not only make things attractive it has its health benefits as well. Truly it is a free gift from our creator. No longer do we have to spend nor go far to make it work for us. Read More→

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