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Having potted plants in the office is good for your health, a new study has discovered. Research found that the presence of potted plants in offices reduced fatigue, stress, dry throats, headaches, coughs and dry skin among workers. The study was led by environmental psychology expert Dr Tina Bringslimark and her team at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Uppsala University, Sweden.

In a second study, based on 385 office workers, the researchers looked at sick-leave rates and the number of plants individuals could see from their desks. Results showed that the more plants they could see, the less sick leave they took, they also noticed that workers had better productivity when they have stand up desk uk.

The presence of pot plants in offices reduces fatigue and stress
An excellent article at Anipots listed a few reasons of why this might be. One explanation is that plants and the microbes in their soil are good at removing volatile, organic compounds that can affect health. ‘There could also be a psychological explanation in that people believe plants are healthier and are likely to evaluate their own health more optimistically,’ adds Dr Bringslimark.
The presence of potted plants in offices reduces fatigue and stress. They are particularly beneficial for offices where workers do not have a window, according to a report from Washington State University. Read More→

Only Use Professionals!

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by Robin Paul

Keeping your office a bright and lively place to work is very important these days. This can increase your staff’s productivity, as well as make the place a more pleasant environment to work in every day. With plants, you can do all this, as well as getting a very reasonable price for the service.

Office plants are a great investment for your company as they bring with them so many benefits. Not only do plants make the office space welcoming and bright, they make your workers feel more at home. This means your office space can be more productive. Staff will enjoy their time there, while clients will want to come back when they realise what a positive work space and work force they have. Read More→

Interior plantscaping can create the perfect environment for your business, bringing color and vitality to your office space. No longer do offices need to be colorless and dull, as many office plant rental companies have great fixtures and displays which will liven the place up to no end. With a bright and beautiful office space, there is no doubt that your staff will be happier working and altogether more productive and successful. Healthy and happy employees will be the key to your business being all that it can be.

Plantscaping is a great way of decorating your office because the responsibility for the plants is in the hands of professionals, so you need not concern yourself with their set up or maintenance. Many companies choose to use real plants, while others go for the option of using artificial plants. Read More→

While getting the Office Cleaning Cornwall services is an excellent way to keep your office clean, it is equally essential to keep it fresh as well. In an article for Simply Business, Josh Hall listed  7 Top Tips for a Green Office. Although they were excellent, he left out a major tip for making your office green.  Laura Hampton of the interior landscaping group eFIG (The European Federation of Interior Landscaping Groups) explains why every office should include plants.

1. Plants clean the air

Plants have been scientifically proven toremove and VOCs from the air. These toxins are emitted into our environment, particularly our office spaces, by everyday objects and materials such as computers, printers, clothing and even carpets. By turning these toxins into food for themselves and, in turn, emitting oxygen, plants clean the air we breathe. Read More→


Kentia Palm – Good Luck, Success & Prosperity


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive energy flow. This is the second article we are doing on feng shui. Debra Ringler of Personal Plant Service put together this excellent piece showcasing the element of wood.  Plants are a wood element and here are interior plants you can use to balance wood with the other elements.. Along with each plant is the area of your life they will improve.

In today’s economy, we can use any help we can get!  Feng Shui is the Chinese technique of arranging one’s possessions so that positive “chi” (energy) is in your home, office, or business. Some believe that by practicing Feng Shui, you will improve your health, increase your wealth and prosperity, develop better personal relations, and achieve your goals. Feng Shui is about balancing the elements of water, wood, fire, earth (soil), and metal. Plants are considered a wood element and that is what I am going to concentrate on in this article–using certain plants in certain areas to increase the positive energy around you. Read More→

Do plants really make a difference in the work place?

In this fast paced technical age, employees are still a company’s most valuable asset but they are also the most expensive. In terms of the cost per square foot, the human asset is 10 times more expensive than building operating costs, and nearly 100 times more than energy cost.  When a business takes the steps to keep its human asset happy, everyone wins!

Our love for nature or biophilia is now being recognized as an important factor when creating interior environments.  It is my hope in this short article that you will see more than just a plant the next time you enjoy the interior greenery that enhances your office space.

Employee Benefits Read More→

By Carl Liver

Offices. They can be very dull and boring, and bring down the atmosphere of the working environment. A lot of offices are very small, however some are very large, and what you usually find with large offices is that they have a lot of features that help the atmosphere of work. There are many ways to improve to working environment; however there is one way that has been proven to help the working environment! This would be office plants.

Now office plants have been proven to help every person in the working environment! Why? A program of plant displays creates a lasting impression in your head for both you and your clients. This also improves the quality of the air that you breathe every day that you work. Finally, another benefit of office plants is that it helps employee’s satisfaction towards work. This was proven to be an amazing way to improve working environment. Read More→

The following information comes from Plants for Life, which aims to promote and recognize the real benefits of indoor plants in the home, the workplace, the environment and to our personal health. Plants for Life is a ‘not-for-profit’ organization that collates and communicates independent academic research into the health and well-being that indoor plants bring to our every day lives.

FACT: Indoor plants can reduce fatigue, coughs, sore throats and other cold-related illnesses by more than 30%

Contact with plants and nature is a calming tonic for the body and soul. More and more scientific research is proving that being near plants is good for our mental and physical well-being. Plants help reduce stress, make people happier, lower symptoms of discomfort and minor ailments, speed recovery from illness, improve concentration, productivity and creativity, save energy and create clean air in a green and natural way.

Read More→

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