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God has given man all he needs to survive life. He gave us air, light and even food without spending a dime in acquiring it. Relatively these needs are all that we need to make it through. But unfortunately the economic slump is a rude awakening that man needs to go to his office and work eight hours a day or even more just to make it through rough times. Luckily office plants can be our greatest consolation to the chaotic world of business.

Potted wonders can do wonders in the workspace. Green does not denote money alone in the business world. It can be a small priceless investment of greenery within the establishment. A small haven is a small investment for weary employees to have in a busy workday. Allowing nature to penetrate your work area can do wonders in increasing creativity and function thus leading to better sales output for the company.

These aesthetic gifts of nature are more than just decors to a workspace. The colorful play of color sometimes gives a feeling of relaxation, inspiration and determination to make it through the day. Sadly it only takes 15 minutes to enjoy relax mode on a busy day. Fortunately plants give us that soothing feel without exerting too much effort. Read More→

by Susan Fiscarelli

I have been exposed to the benefits of plants on air quality for over 30 years. Plants and interior plantscaping have been a family business for over 35 years.  I remember when our company, Growing Expectations, created its first website in 1982, it had a page devoted to a NASA study done by a Dr. Wolverton which clearly showed how plants cleaned the air of pollutants.

As time went on there were many studies done on the health benefits of plants in many countries around the world. As I researched these studies for Growing Expectations I discovered that other countries were doing more to use indoor plants for health benefits than in the United States. The major reason for using plants in lobbies and offices was for the aesthetics not health benefits. I found video that I want to share with you that illustrates the extent that businesses in India use plants to grow fresh air.

There are many colleges, universities, and environmental organizations who are working to spread the word about the benefits of plants and are pushing to have indoor plantings part of the LEED certification for new buildings.
We have to change how we view the value of plants in the workplace by focusing on the health benefits and not only as a part of the decor. For more information on how plants can improve your workplace, schedule at a consultation at

There have been many academic studies and research projects into patient recovery times and methods that speed up the amount of time patients who have just had surgery need to recover. One of the biggest outcomes of these studies was the impact of plants and nature on patients and even on the mood of hospital staff while at work.

While many of the studies looked into the effects of outside vegetation for patients who were situated next to a window and had a view of the plants and nature outside, it has to be said that even office plants have health benefits with many office workers feeling more positive and productive when in an environment where office plants are present. It stands to reason then, if outdoor plants have a beneficial effect on health and recovery times that any plants or foliage such as office plants and planted office displays can have a positive effect too.

In his paper entitled ‘Health Benefits of Gardens in Hospitals’, Roger Ulrich of Texas University identified that patients who can see or are close to plants and nature recover much quicker and suffer less stress than those who cannot. The study which monitored 2 sets of patients that had just undergone the same surgical procedures illustrated that the group of patients positioned with a view of the garden recuperated quicker and suffered less post-operative stress than those who did not. Read More→


Got Humidity Issues?

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But why should temperature and humidity levels affect you? The simple answer is that employees working in conditions that are said to be below or above their thermal comfort levels can suffer from potential health problems and be less productive. Facilities managers in particular should be aware of this.

There have been many suggestions and inventions designed to regulate and improve office humidity levels but the simple and most effective way can be seen in the introduction of office plants. This article looks at how planted office displays can prevent facilities managers from feeling the heat and the studies that have proved it.

Humidity is the measure of water that air will hold and is more commonly referred to as Relative Humidity (RH) as it is measured relative to temperature. It is measured in this way due to the direct relation between the two. For example, the warmer the air the more humid it will be as warm air can hold more water. It is often easy to tell when indoor air is more humid than outdoor air as it will condense when it meets a colder surface causing condensation on office windows and doors. But how can office plants reduce humidity? Read More→

Our work places certainly are a prime source of stress in our lives. It seemed to be terrible enough when departments were completely staffed but staff reductions and budget cutbacks have made a grueling dilemma all the worse. Such a lot of time is put in at an office (or cubicle) that it can feel very much like a prison cell you can’t get away from. Continually shifting deadlines, difficult office associations, always being instructed to turn out more with dwindling assets all play a role in stress levels which can be frequently unhealthy and often debilitating.

There are several remedies at our fingertips for you to use for a little office stress relief and all of them are pretty easily accomplished. What follows are a few ideas you can try to make the eight or maybe more hours spent at the job much easier. While some of these may appear too simple to provide an effect, every one has been proven beneficial.

Be comfortable. If your back hurts or you have neck pain your system is wanting to alert you to a problem and it is most likely the chair you sit in. If, similar to most office furniture, your chair has been around the block a time too many and doesn’t support you just how it should, its time to swap it. It is possible to lobby the boss for a new chair but, if that approach does not work, think about paying for one yourself that supports your back and enforces good posture. It really is challenging to be happy while you hurt. Read More→

Why it is necessary to have indoors plants in our homes and offices particularly when it is air-conditioned or enclosed.  The first and foremost reason is it helps give us the ability to concentrate which enhances our overall productivity. These indoor plant re-circulate the chemicals which are emitted by furniture and fixtures, paints and solvents. The  amount of oxygen which plants give out and the carbon dioxide we exhale in closed surroundings help us to think in a better and more positive way, prevents fatigue, and most importantly it reduces the most common ailment, headaches.

Plants whether indoor or outdoor have a relaxing effect on visitors whether in an office or residence. They create a courteous and friendly atmosphere , impact on the interaction between people and thereby improve productivity. Installing indoor plants in a closed ventilated office or near a computer has a lower maintenance cost compared to outdoor plants. Also, certain indoor plants like ferns and cacti do not require watering on regular basis.  Indoor plants need a comparatively small space, can be wall mounted, kept in the corner, placed on a desk or side table.. Read More→

With the arrival of autumn and winter, many of us are now grateful that we can stay indoors whether it’s at home or at the office. The grey and dark days can seem very dull and we all need a little cheering up every now and again. With over half of the workforce spending more than a third of their waking hours at work, staying upbeat and motivated is not always easy.

When it comes to office morale it is fairly safe to say that we all have those days where the last thing we want to do is go to work and some might argue that the incentive to hide under the duvet when the alarm clock rings is even more apparent when its still dark and cold outside.

Once at work staying motivated and productive is not always about the way we feel personally, as many would suggest that the environment in which we work also plays a significant part in how we feel as employees. A grey and miserable office is hardly likely to inspire our creativity is it? With this in mind building and business managers have tried to come up with unique ways to help keep their staff happy and motivated during the working day. From bright paintwork to office exercise classes and the installation of computer consoles for lunch time use, you name it, business owners have tried it. But would you believe that office plants and planted office displays can actually help brighten both the office and your spirits?

For many years now academics have been looking into the health benefits associated with working in an office with office plants and planted office displays but there has also been much debate as to how beneficial office plants and other foliage can have on human emotions and moods. Since man has long had a very close relationship with nature it seems obvious that being close to plants and greenery would make us feel more relaxed and less stressed but in reality is this really the case?

Well according to one study conducted in the late 1980’s office plants do have a positive effect on employees. In 1986, Joan Aitken and Rodger Palmer from the University of Missouri discovered that the introduction of office plants made people feel more positive and made the spaces in which planted office displays were present feel much warmer and more welcoming than those that did not have any foliage present.

This was confirmed again in 1999 when a study called “Green Plants for the Feel Good Factor” from the Oxford Brookes University found that people get a more positive perception of indoor spaces that have office plants and generally feel less stressed and more relaxed in the presence of planted office displays.

Even artificial plants can make a huge impact on a dull and dreary office, especially if the office has no windows or views of the outside world. Just a little bit if greenery can make all the difference whether it’s a plastic plant on the top of your filing cabinet or a large planted office display in the reception area of your building.

In general then office plants it seems are a great way to help relax and inspire employees while at work even on those cloudy winter days. With positive effects on health and well being as well as creating a more positive and pleasant environment maintained office plants that are kept healthy can in turn help to keep your staff happy and healthy too!


What Indoor Plants Do For You

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Many people may not know that working in front of a computer for more than four hours a day in the presence of indoor plants, actually leads to the improvement in their work productivity by more than ten percent, plus importantly there is an improvement in the health too.

It is good to have  indoor plants in our home and offices particularly when they are air-conditioned or enclosed.  First and foremost, they enable us to concentrate better and release stress which enhances our overall productivity.  Indoor plants re-circulate the chemicals which are emitted by furniture, fixtures, paints and solvents that cause dizziness, lack of concentration, and headaches.  The amount of oxygen which plants release  helps us  to plan and think in a better, more positive way,  energizes the body, improves our performance, and most importantly it reduces  the most common ailments caused by the chemicals:  headaches, nose and throat irritation.

Surprisingly, indoor plants in a closed ventilated office or near a computer, have a low maintenance cost as compared to the huge outdoor plants. Certain indoor plants like ferns and cactus do not require watering on regular basis.  Indoor plants need a comparatively small space.  They can be wall mounted, kept in the corner or placed on a side table. Having indoor plants creates a warm and friendly atmosphere and helps the surroundings to be more cheerful and relaxed. Read More→

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