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By Marty Ross

No matter what weather the fall and winter bring, you can keep gardening indoors. Putting together a stylish indoor garden is easier than ever. The houseplant business has grown way beyond philodendrons and Christmas cactus.

There are hip new houseplants and interesting variations on well-known themes for sale everywhere. The selection of houseplants at garden shops, big-box stores and even grocery stores hasn’t merely grown, it has matured. Cool carnivorous plants are stocked side-by-side with gorgeous moth orchids; fancy-leaf begonias are nudging out dependable but demure scheffeleras. Read More→

Having potted plants in the office is good for your health, a new study has discovered. Research found that the presence of potted plants in offices reduced fatigue, stress, dry throats, headaches, coughs and dry skin among workers. The study was led by environmental psychology expert Dr Tina Bringslimark and her team at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and Uppsala University, Sweden.

In a second study, based on 385 office workers, the researchers looked at sick-leave rates and the number of plants individuals could see from their desks. Results showed that the more plants they could see, the less sick leave they took, they also noticed that workers had better productivity when they have stand up desk uk.

One explanation is that plants and the microbes in their soil are good at removing volatile, organic compounds that can affect health. ‘There could also be a psychological explanation in that people believe plants are healthier and are likely to evaluate their own health more optimistically,’ adds Dr Bringslimark.

The presence of pot plants in offices reduces fatigue and stressThe presence of potted plants in offices reduces fatigue and stress. They are particularly beneficial for offices where workers do not have a window, according to a report from Washington State University. Read More→

Anyone who keeps houseplants knows that indoor foliage can brighten a dull, dreary atmosphere and create a refuge from everyday stresses. Plants can also remove common toxins from indoor environments and add oxygen to stale air. Given these benefits, you’d think that indoor plants would be as common in offices as staplers and annoying coworkers!

Sadly, most of us know only two kinds of office plants: the silk ones and those dusty brown fire hazards on top of the filing cabinet. While many of these leafy casualties could have been saved with proper care, it’s critical to choose plants that can thrive in the challenging office biome. With a little forethought, you can choose the perfect plant to improve your workplace’s aesthetics and your health. Read More→


Can Plants Think?

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I spend a great deal of time researching articles dealing with plants for my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. It is amazing the things I learn and I am thankful for this professional development. As interesting as the articles have been, this one by Rebecca Boyle really opened my eyes. I know a great deal about plants but I never considered the possibility that they could actually think. I know that some of my readers will say it all depends on how you define “think” but it is interesting nonetheless.
In a new study, scientists have found a cabbage relative capable of remembering and responding to information

The Persistence Of Memory A Polish study showed plants send electrochemical signals in a way that can be likened to an animal nervous system. This image shows chemical reactions in leaves that were not exposed to light; they are reacting to a chemical signal from a leaf that was exposed. via BBC. Read More→

By Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Staff

Observe old trees in nature, and you will see plenty of variation. Trees grow upright or slanting, in groups, pairs, or alone, out on plains or clinging to the sides of mountains. They are found in arid, moist, hot, freezing, still, and windy environments, and everywhere in between. Wherever they grow, trees are also affected by animals and diseases. All the stresses that nature places on trees are reflected in their shapes. Bonsai artists look at what nature creates with these factors and work to emulate it when shaping a tree, but they also add their own vision to produce a beautiful bonsai. That’s why a bonsai is so much more than just a tree in a container. Read More→

Growing Expectations is a member of many organizations that work to promote green principles in business. The following article was written by a fellow interior plantscaper, John.E.Williams, who shares our commitment to make all buildings green.

Everybody knows that living plants enhance indoor spaces, adding a touch of natural beauty and color to our daily lives. We forget that they also give off oxygen and, according to NASA research, actually remove harmful indoor pollutants from the air we breath. No wonder leading architects and building managers have incorporated green and blooming plants into their buildings for years.

Today’s builders and property managers are more concerned than ever about improving air quality, but they also need to reduce energy costs and minimize the environmental footprints of their buildings. They want to decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and other natural resources, while making their buildings as healthy, energy efficient, and earth-friendly as possible. One tool developed to work toward these objectives is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, guiding us toward buildings with little or no net energy use and environmental impact. Read More→

So many of my readers are just happy to know how to take care of their plants, to just keep them alive. However, after we learn how to be successful in taking care of our plants maybe it is time for the next step. Propagation is perhaps the most exciting procedures for increasing your plant family. It’s simple and satisfying to create offspring from favorite plants. Try it! You have nothing to lose because you still have your original plant. Read More→

by Roger Vernon

Bamboo is an excellent, exotic and fun addition to ant garden and is one of the best office plants. It is a versatile choice for a variety of purposes in any yard or garden. It grows rapidly and requires little maintenance. This article gives insights to caring for bamboo.

Where Does Bamboo Grow?

When many people think of bamboo, images of overgrown swamps and jungles come to mind. But this versatile plant has many varieties and can add an exotic flair to almost any area. Read More→

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