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Interior decor has many facets.  It increases the pleasure of our living and soothes our feelings.  For interior decoration, indoor plants add a special charm to both modern and classic interiors.  Whether they are alive and growing or artificial replicas of botanical specimens, house plants can lend a touch of warmth and vitality to any living area or commercial environment, helping to relax visitors and guests and delivering a message of welcome.  Their presence shows that the occupant has an appreciation for things natural, something to which we can all relate.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous.  They brighten up your home or office, blend in with all types of themes and can be used with different types of pots according to the theme of your home.  Caring for indoor plants makes for a great hobby.  Home decor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home. Read More→

Gardeners, both new and experienced, love annuals. Their vibrant colors carry us from Spring to Fall. However, there are so many annuals that it is not only hard to choose which ones to plant but also which ones will flourish in your garden.

I came across this interesting article written by Kathy Van Mullekom for The Daily Press. It answers many questions we have about annuals while providing a good overview of what are types available. I thought I would share it with you. Read More→

Interior plantscaping can create the perfect environment for your business, bringing color and vitality to your office space. No longer do offices need to be colorless and dull, as many office plant rental companies have great fixtures and displays which will liven the place up to no end. With a bright and beautiful office space, there is no doubt that your staff will be happier working and altogether more productive and successful. Healthy and happy employees will be the key to your business being all that it can be.

Plantscaping is a great way of decorating your office because the responsibility for the plants is in the hands of professionals, so you need not concern yourself with their set up or maintenance. Many companies choose to use real plants, while others go for the option of using artificial plants. Read More→


Quirky Containers

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Quirky containers. Don’t these look excellent? The plants are Sansevieria laurentii  and the containers black curved fiberglass towers, 12″ wide x 30″ high. They create a great screen, as well as a talking point!

Today. containers come in so many forms not just round or square. As with technology, today’s décor is becoming that of very a smooth, minimalistic, pure color design. This is often referred to as a Japanese style of design.

Aside from the modern and decorative designs, commercial planters nowadays are also more functional than before. They can now have self-watering features, may include sub-irrigation systems for root growth, and can be made of durable materials. This will reduce the need for frequent watering and and cut down on the costs of maintaining the health of your plants. Read More→

You are already well aware of the benefits of plants for enhancing your corporate image, improving indoor air quality, and improving the productivity and well being of workers in your company. Did you know, however, that the selection of planters and pots for your installation is equally important? Just as one complements a well tailored suit with a smart tie or an evening dress with fine jewelry to complete a look, companies are learning the benefits of selecting stylish containers for their office plants to enhance their image. The right planters and pots look just as striking empty as they do potted, and are sure to turn heads. Planters are part of an entire design package, that together with the plants they contain, achieve cohesive and luxurious interiors.

Stylish planters are an investment in your company. They enhance the design of your interior space and even enhance the look and health of the plants they hold. Growing Expectations offers a wide variety of containers which complement any interior space and corporate image. We offer both modern and traditional planters in a variety of colors and materials.  We can also work with your company to update your planters to better suit a new corporate branding or to modernize your interior. Whether you are looking for pots and planters for a new installation or to update an old one, our interior plantscaping experts will work together with you to help identify your unique needs and to help you select planters and containers that suit your interior space and company style. Read More→

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