Choosing the Perfect Christmas Table Setting

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With all the designs, colors and materials out there, it can be hard to settle on a certain theme for a Christmas dinner. Some families opt for a rustic look, while others prefer their table gilded in reds and golds. If you’re at a loss for what to do to incorporate your favorite aspects of Christmas decor into your holiday table, it may be best to stick with a white and silver scheme – this way, you can add touches of color and sparkle without going overboard.

In addition to being simple, a white color scheme is perfectly wintry. White dishes and napkins are elegant and evoke a snowy look, while silver accents and glass remind of ice crystals. HGTV adorns a centerpiece of evergreens with silver ornaments, sparkly snowflakes and shiny pewter votives.

Another perfect way to accent a white color scheme is with Christmas flowers such as a tulip sand pine bouquet. The pine boughs give the delicate white flowers a festive feel. Another choice is white lilies, hydrangeas and silver candles which offers a dramatically beautiful focal point for dinner guests. Thank you Teleflora for the ideas.

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