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indoor-plant-solutions.com ~ As Seen On Tv Easy Reach Plant Pulley! If your tired of struggling with water hoses, standing on step stools and lifting heavy watering cans over your head? Would you like an easier way to water your hanging plants and not have to worry about them falling? This hanging basket pulley makes caring for your plants easy and fun, if you’re interested in baskets you can shop now online too. You no longer have to worry about whether or not buying hanging plants was the best thing to do. The Easy Reach Pulley can hold up to 25 pounds and it extends 31 inches. You can raise or lower your plants to the desired level at any time day or night. They will also hook anywhere in or outside your home with the help of Sunnystate Pest Control Brisbane to protect the house. The Easy Reach Pulley is the overall solution  to all of your hanging plant needs.

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