Facts about Low Light House Plants

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A great houseplant can really make the difference in an otherwise boring or drab room. Houseplants are perhaps not quite as bold as their outdoor counterparts, but they often poses a subtle beauty that can provide aesthetic pleasure for a long time. If you are a plant nut and love to have some green space wherever you go, consider purchasing a houseplant and experimenting with it. If your home has very little natural light, like mine, you might also want a low light house plant. It might sound like a contradiction to speak of any plant, houseplants included, as low light, but there are many different species that thrive in low light conditions. That dark corner or cranny of your house that always seems uninviting could contain something beautiful and productive. Before you invest in a low light house plant consider some basic facts about them:

1. While many species of low light houseplants vary, and should be investigated depending on their particular needs, most low light house plants do not require very much water. It might seem strange to say that a plant can survive with little light and water, but too much of either could actually kill one of these things. Because low light houseplants do not require much light they tend to grow slowly. This also means that they don’t need too much water to be healthy. But why would watering a plant be a problem? The answer is that plants, like people, can literally drown from too much water. The roots get covered by the water and then suffocate. Another very serious problem is that the roots can get soaked and actually start to rot, a condition known as root rot. Either of these problems can kill a plant quickly without the owner even knowing what is going on. You might think you are doing your low light houseplant a favor by watering it all the time, but you might only be hurting it.

2. Because they grow in little light, low light house plants also don’t have the energy to grow quickly. They tend to grow slowly over the course of many years. You might see this as a problem, but many people enjoy watching the plant unfold and mature. They feel like the plant is something they raised and a thing of real value. Don’t expect your low light house plant to just spring up like a stalk of corn. It might take years but in the long run it will be well worth it to watch the plant grow into a thing of beauty.

3. Although low light houseplants can do without much light, realize that they need some light. It is a good rule to move them out into the light for short periods of time to allow them to gather energy and then to move them back into the darker area. No plant can live without light so don’t assume that your low light houseplant is any different.

4. Low light houseplants don’t require a huge amount of fertilization. Realize that adding lots of fertilizer will not make the plant grow any faster. In fact, too much fertilizer for indoor plants can kill a plant by burning its roots.

These are just a few of many important facts about low light houseplants. Knowing even this much should help you to grow healthy, beautiful plants in your home . If your first experiments don’t succeed with houseplants keep trying. A little testing and some patience can lead to very rewarding results. Good luck with your low light houseplant!

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