Giving Poinsettias? Add a Personal Touch!

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Poinsettias continue to be the most popular Christmas time plant in the United States. Of course, with so many varieties and colors available today it’s really no surprise. Their blooming period is perfectly timed for Christmas to make any home even more beautiful for the holidays. And since today’s poinsettias have been carefully bred for to withstand the rigors of shipping in just about any climate, they can be found in every nook and corner of the US.

If you plan to give a poinsettia this holiday season, consider adding a personal touch by sharing a short story that tells your recipient even more about their gift. You can just use the parts you want from below and print a note or send an email as a follow-up after it arrives. It’s a small thing to do but adds a nice personal touch.

Here is an opening that works well for me: “I hope you enjoy your Poinsettia as much as I did learning about it. They have a rich history that impressed me. Once you have an opening (or you can skip the opening) just grab whatever blurbs you want from below:

History of the Poinsettia:

Poinsettias are native to Mexico. They were considered to be treasured possessions by the Aztecs of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and came to be associated with wealth and prosperity.

Two hundred years after the Aztec empire fell; Franciscan monks found a new purpose for these prized poinsettias. Taking note of how beautiful and full the red bloom was during the winter holiday, they used poinsettias as a central part of the “Fiesta Santa Pesebre” (Nativity procession.)
Up until the early nineteenth century poinsettias were still exclusive to regions south of the border, and not seen in the United States. Then in 1828 Joel Poinsett, the first US Ambassador to Mexico, noticed poinsettias during a trip to Mexico and sent cuttings back home to South Carolina.

As a plant native to Mexico, early poinsettias thrived in warm climates but tended not to do as well in the northern United States. They did well enough in South Carolina and ultimately crossed the American southwest all the way back to California, not far from where they started. But being such a well-loved plant, today’s poinsettias have been carefully bred, or cultivated over generations, to thrive in many areas. Just follow some simple instructions on how to care for your poinsettia and you will have a gift that continues to give.

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