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By: Tina Timms

Plants for People is an international organization with offices in the UK, Holland and Germany. Their mission is to distribute information about the health-promoting benefits of plants.

There has been a lot of research in the last 10 years that supports the scientific and academic research that confirms the research of Dr Bill Wolverton of NASA, He found that plants absorb toxic chemicals in indoor air. This is vital for people who suffer from breathing problems and health issues.

It is becoming increasingly important as our indoor environments become more polluted than the air outside. Too often modern technology and man-made furnishing and synthetic building materials that emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Chemicals) into the air we breathe cause illness and breathing problems.

Adhesives, paints, carpets, synthetic building materials, insulation, and formaldehyde products, including products used for personal hygiene like deodorants, perfume, hairspray all release VOCs.

Tobacco smoke is a well-known culprit. What are not as well known are photocopiers, computer screens and printing equipment.

Research programs and studies are just now letting us understand how important house plants are to us:

  • Plants emit oxygen which is vital in our air tight offices.
  • Plants absorb those toxins and carbon dioxide.
  • Plants absorb VOCs that cause Sick Building Syndrome, headaches, sore, dry throats, dry or itchy skin, fatigue
  • Plants reduce stress and have such strong health benefits that they help people recover from surgery more quickly

Research at The Royal College of Agriculture in Circencester found that plants can even boost the learning potential of students, which may also mean that it increases learning and productivity in the office. Behavioral signals were reduced by as much as 70% in rooms which held plants. Source: www.plants-for-people.org

Colleen Smith of Plants for People explained, “People and plants have a natural symbiosis. Plants absorb toxins in the air including the Carbon Dioxide we emit while breathing. In return they refresh the air we breathe with Oxygen a bi-product of photosynthesis. It’s perfect, natural recycling.

“Other materials especially those that are man-made emit toxins into the air and the plants also absorb these. The toxins are converted into food for the plant so they don’t damage the plant but they stop them doing us harm.”

She went on to explain that offices, where plants were introduced, saw reductions in absenteeism as complaints about minor ailments like headaches, fatigue and skin irritations were reduced.

“Plants also have a calming effect on us, so that in stressful situations, they literally return the physical symptoms of stress – raised blood pressure and pulse rates – to normal more quickly. When we are calmer we concentrate better,” she added.

Plants can also be used as window treatments. They block the sun, keeping the heat out in the summer, and keeping it in through the winter months. Research has barely started to understand the benefits of plants in the home and office environment. But, as the eco-industry strengthens and grows, plants are expected to become a major part of our daily lives.

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