Houseplants: How to Water Overwintering Geraniums, Tropical Foliage Plants and Herbs

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Indoor plants die more often from overwatering than being irrigated less frequently or under watering. Beginning gardeners tend to love their plants to death. This applies to plants such as geraniums, herbs, tropical, and foliage plants, in fact just about any plant that you can grow indoors. This landscaping tip for indoor plants does not involve any high–tech tools, it only requires your finger. Touch the soil with a finger, if it comes away dry then water the plant thoroughly until water pours out the bottom of the pot. If your finger comes away damp, then walk away and do not water. Watering when the plant does not require water will drown the roots and lead to premature plant death. Remember that these are not the bog plants, they are foliage plants and while they may not appreciate bone–dry conditions, they will die under swampy conditions. Many of our indoor plants are also struggling with low light levels during our winter months, and they are slowing down their growth rates. As they go to sleep, and you increase the watering, you are adding stress, more stress than they deserve, to their lives. For more information and other garden videos about beginner gardening topics please see www.beginner-gardening.com or contact me at susan@interiorofficeplants.com.

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