How To Grow Your Own Fresh Air

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by Susan Fiscarelli

I have been exposed to the benefits of plants on air quality for over 30 years. Plants and interior plantscaping have been a family business for over 35 years.  I remember when our company, Growing Expectations, created its first website in 1982, it had a page devoted to a NASA study done by a Dr. Wolverton which clearly showed how plants cleaned the air of pollutants.

As time went on there were many studies done on the health benefits of plants in many countries around the world. As I researched these studies for Growing Expectations I discovered that other countries were doing more to use indoor plants for health benefits than in the United States. The major reason for using plants in lobbies and offices was for the aesthetics not health benefits. I found video that I want to share with you that illustrates the extent that businesses in India use plants to grow fresh air.

There are many colleges, universities, and environmental organizations who are working to spread the word about the benefits of plants and are pushing to have indoor plantings part of the LEED certification for new buildings.
We have to change how we view the value of plants in the workplace by focusing on the health benefits and not only as a part of the decor. For more information on how plants can improve your workplace, schedule at a consultation at info@interiorofficeplants.com.


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    I agree with you. And the season doesn’t make a difference. In colder climes, it is wonderful to walk into a lobby and then you’re office after just scraping the ice or snow off your car. It is a little like being transported to a tropical place. Equally, in very warm climates, it is great to be able to enjoy palms, orchids, bromeliads, etc in air-conditioned places. Emotionally, indoor plants affect us all by bringing the outside in or keeping the outside out.


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