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How many times have you bought a beautiful indoor plant from a greenhouse or garden center only to have it go downhill from the minute you placed it in a room.  The reason for this is called acclimatization. Most houseplants have been grown in greenhouses with perfect light and humidity. These plants are happy because all of their needs are being met. Some plants are grown directly outdoors and before they can be sold directly to the consumer must be brought into greenhouses to accustom them to different light and humidity conditions. This is called acclimatization or in layman’s terms letting the plant get use to less light and humidity. This is what you have to do when you bring a plants home, acclimate them, get it accustomed to a change in conditions.

In the following video, Greg Stack, horticulturist at the University of Illinois, shows how to successfully bring a houseplant home from a greenhouse or garden center and have it thrive in your home.

The issue of acclimatization of plants is also extremely important in business settings.  But in the public setting it is difficult to do what Greg suggests and no one wants to look at office plants that look like they are dying.  This is where a professional interior plantscaper comes in.  The indoor plants he uses have already been acclimated for your office’s conditions.  A reputable interior landscaper only uses plants that have been acclimated for office environments.

If you have been unsuccessful in bringing beautiful plants into your office and having them thrive, then what you need is a professional plantscaping company like Growing Expectations.  We will come into your offices to assess the light and humidity conditions and then recommend plants that will do well in your environment.  If you are interested in a free consultation Growing Expectations will visit you, take pictures of your space, recommend plants, and return with a CD showing how your offices will look after the plants have been installed.  We will provide an estimate of what it will cost you to install the foliage as well as the cost of a maintenance contract. Contact us at info@interiorofficeplants.com.

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