Improve Office Morale and Productivity with Indoor Plants

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Running a business can often be demanding and providing the right ambiance for your staff can play a crucial part to your eventual success. It is a given that maintaining a high morale among employees is one way to boost chances for success.  Recent studies have shown that the use of office plants has proven benefits when it comes to improving morale and productivity within the workforce.  Indoor plants provide aesthetic value while improving air quality and reducing stress thereby maximizing business profits.

Using indoor plants brings additional benefits.  An indoor plant specialist will be able to give sound advice regarding the types of plants that would best complement the environment in the workplace.  There are basically three types of indoor plant – low light, moderate light and high light plants. As the names suggest the type of plant is highly dependent on the office’s lighting.  For instance, those belonging to the low light plant category are excellent for dark areas and for corners of small offices or meeting rooms.

Among the plants that belong to the low light category are the Cordatum, Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilly, Philodendron Panda, Snake Plant, Umbrella Tree, and the ZZ Plant.  In case of moderate lightning, the indoor plants that can be used include the Bamboo Palm, Gold Dust Dracaena, Happy Plant, Kentia Palm, Philo Xanadu, or the Lady Palm.  Finally, for high light environments, the plants that are normally used include the Century plant, Golden Cane Palm, Ponytail Palm, Ficus Sabre, and the Yucca.

Another benefit of using interior plantscapers is that there is an assurance that the plants will constantly be well maintained.  Most leading specialists in indoor plants usually have a well trained crew who will regularly attend to the plants and ensure that they are kept healthy.  This is particularly important as researchers found out that indoor plants in poor health have a detrimental effect on morale and productivity.

In terms of the aesthetics and the design of your offices, using indoor plants can be very constructive.  In fact, a study by Engelbert Kötter in collaboration with the Bavarian State Ministry of Nourishment, Agriculture and Forestry, found that plants in offices enhanced employees’ perception of well-being and improved the comfort factor of the offices.  The finding only proves that people tend to react positively to plants and perceive the use of indoor plants as a sign of success.

Nowadays, offices are constructed to be effective energy saving spaces.  This presents a problem because modern buildings are increasingly becoming so well sealed in an attempt to keep the elements out while retaining indoor pollutants.  A number of businesses tried to solve the problem by investing on expensive air conditioning and ventilation systems. However, indoor plants are much cheaper and can be strategically placed without any structural changes to the office.

Finally, using an indoor plant maintenance company will enable key personnel to deal with more pressing issues as they know that the plants are well cared for and helping them keep their employees motivated.  It is therefore fitting to invest in plant maintenance services since it is well worth the money due to potential benefits that can be achieved from using indoor plants.  For more  information on the beneficial effects of office plants, or to inquire about  a free consultation for plants in your facility just email us at info@interiorofficeplants.com.

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