Is it Necessary to have an Indoor Plants in Homes & Offices?

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Why it is necessary to have indoors plants in our homes and offices particularly when it is air-conditioned or enclosed.  The first and foremost reason is it helps give us the ability to concentrate which enhances our overall productivity. These indoor plant re-circulate the chemicals which are emitted by furniture and fixtures, paints and solvents. The  amount of oxygen which plants give out and the carbon dioxide we exhale in closed surroundings help us to think in a better and more positive way, prevents fatigue, and most importantly it reduces the most common ailment, headaches.

Plants whether indoor or outdoor have a relaxing effect on visitors whether in an office or residence. They create a courteous and friendly atmosphere , impact on the interaction between people and thereby improve productivity. Installing indoor plants in a closed ventilated office or near a computer has a lower maintenance cost compared to outdoor plants. Also, certain indoor plants like ferns and cacti do not require watering on regular basis.  Indoor plants need a comparatively small space, can be wall mounted, kept in the corner, placed on a desk or side table..

Indoor plants do not have to be planted in pots but various materials like thermocol basket, acrylic big boxes, crates,and fiber containers can be used. They are less time consuming, eco-friendly, and soothe the eyes. By installing green, healthy indoor plants which have a low maintenance cost,  one can enjoy perfect levels of oxygen and minimize the chemicals known cause sick building syndrome.

While selecting indoor plants, one very important thing to consider is whether the plants will enhance the decor of your offices or whether plants will survive in full or partially shady areas. Plants that needs partial shade should be kept near window or in spaces which get light for some part of the day. The growth of the plant will depend on the light conditions of its surroundings, proper humidity levels and proper water drainage to prevent the growth of fungi.

Many businesses choose to use the expertise of a professional interior landscape designer.  He will be able to measure the light and humidity conditions in your office and then recommend the plants that would do well. A regular plant maintenance program with a plant guarantee will insure that your offices will always look good and create a healthy environment.

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