Life Amidst Indoor Plants – How Wonderful!

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Interior decor has many facets.  It increases the pleasure of our living and soothes our feelings.  For interior decoration, indoor plants add a special charm to both modern and classic interiors.  Whether they are alive and growing or artificial replicas of botanical specimens, house plants can lend a touch of warmth and vitality to any living area or commercial environment, helping to relax visitors and guests and delivering a message of welcome.  Their presence shows that the occupant has an appreciation for things natural, something to which we can all relate.

The benefits of indoor gardening are numerous.  They brighten up your home or office, blend in with all types of themes and can be used with different types of pots according to the theme of your home.  Caring for indoor plants makes for a great hobby.  Home decor should aim at creating a welcoming feeling and make guest feel at home.

Facts about Indoor Plants

  • A simple corner or a day-to-day place can be made attractive with the proper mix of plants and flowers.  There are several factors to consider when selecting house plants for an interior space.  The first of course is the size, shape, and growth form of the plant as compared to the area where it will be placed.  For example, the tall, upright character of a Dracaena or a Ficus Tree might be most appropriate for a narrow corner or for use as a room divider.  A shrubby Peace Lily, Spathiphyllum or Dwarf Schefflera, Arboricola could fill a gap between two chairs or other pieces of furniture.
  • Grouping your plants for extra impact is a great look and an easy way to fill up a corner.  Make sure the plants in a group vary in height for the most pleasing outcome.  If you’re using natural plants, choose plants that have similar lighting and watering requirements to make life easier.  Then you can keep them on the same watering schedule.
  • Balance and scale are important when placing plants in a room.  You don’t want to overpower a wall, but neither do you want to plants to look lost in the space.  Choose plants heights and fullness based on the space and the height of other elements in the room, such as windows, armoires, doors and so forth.
  • Proper light, water and air should be provided so that your plants can grow.  Remember to choose plants with similar watering needs. Try using plants from the same family.  For example, group different ferns together, or use the same plant with different color variations for more variety.  If your color palette in the room is cool, choose plants that are dark green, not a yellow green.
  • For a beautiful centerpiece, use plants with colorful foliage or blooming plants.  If you group several plants together in a container, cover the pots with sphagnum moss or Spanish moss or small pebbles for a finished look.

Health and Well-being benefits of Interior plants:

  • Absorption of harmful substances
  • Filtration of dust and dirt from the environment
  • Dampening of sound levels
  • Reduction of stress levels
  • Increased humidity levels
  • Cooling effect
  • Lifting of the general mood
  • Emission of oxygen refreshing the air

These benefits are important in achieving a good and healthy indoor climate in the artificial environment of the workplace as well as the home.  These effects may be particularly helpful for respiratory and allergic conditions.

These indoor plants make the surroundings vivacious and attractive.  It makes you feel so fresh and relax that you feel like coming back to home. When you open the door you always says these words “Home, Sweet Home.”

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