Office Plants Can Improve Employee Productivity: Fact!

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Over the years there has been a lot of research conducted in order to establish if the use of office plants and foliage can help to improve worker productivity alongside improving the environment of an office.  The results of these numerous studies proved unanimous and all produced similar results.  Not only will the introduction of office plants into business premises improve the visual aesthetics and image of an office building but they will also work hard to improve the air quality and climate of an office, while enhancing the mood and work flow of employees.

In order for employees to be productive it is essential that they are happy and feel comfortable and motivated in their work environments, only then will productivity improve.  Creating a good indoor climate a must have for all office based businesses in order to achieve optimum performance from employees.  In 1999 a study by the Oxford Brookes University entitled “Green Plants for the Feel Good Factor” found that for most people their perception of indoor space is more positive with indoor plants.  Participants of the study claimed that they felt much more relaxed and less stressed with office plants around them.

This need to be near nature is said to stem from mankind’s long affinity with all things green.  For many years people spent nearly all their time outdoors amongst nature but gradually more and more of our time is spent indoors in enclosed clinical climates.  Bringing in office plants will put employees next to nature again, something that all participants in the study reacted positively towards.

The study by the Oxford Brookes University only confirmed the results of a previous study publicized in 1986.  In their paper “The use of plants to promote warmth and caring in a business environment” Joan Aitken and Rodger Palmer from the University of Missouri found that both sexes felt that offices with indoor commercial office plants felt warmer and more inviting.

The results of a study conducted by John Bergs found that workers in the office of engineering firm DHV AIB improved greatly in aspects of their role when in the presence of indoor office plants.  Berg concluded that although the office spaces at the firm were very carefully spatially designed and that the buildings were beautifully decorated with all the latest technology but that no real thought had gone into the needs of the workers.

With some employees spending over 4 hours a day at their computer screens many felt drained and lacked motivation and drive. The mood however changed with the addition of a number of office plants which were positioned next or near to these particular employees. The workers noted a distinct improvement in their efficiency, concentration and general well-being when they were positioned next to the indoor office plants.

Berg published his findings in his paper “Building for people: Perception of Quality in the Work Environment” which looks at the ways in which managers can tackle environmental issues in the workplace and how addressing these issues can improve employee productivity and morale.

It is widely recognized then, that a healthy and happy workforce is likely to produce more healthy profits for any business in the long run and while employee fun and teambuilding days are one way to improve the mood among your workforce there is a more subtle way to achieve employee harmony.  The humble office plant can lift an employee’s mood, increase productivity and save you valuable money due to their health saving capabilities.

The responsibility of providing clean indoor air lies with the employer and as an employer incorporating indoor commercial plants into your design schemes will not only improve the morale of your workers but also improve your bank balance with the studies showing improved productivity and work rates.

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