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I get many requests from my readers to suggest the easiest houseplant to grow. There are many types of houseplants but only one is very attractive, sturdy, and does not need much care. This non-messy houseplant is the golden pothos that is recognized by many other names, like Devil’s Ivy Silver Vine, Centipede Tongavine, and Solomon Islands’ Ivy. It’s also known as variegated philodendron, but is a choice of pothos plant.

There are many other varieties like jade pothos with green leaves, marble queen pothos with white variegations on green leaves, etc. As the name rightly suggests, golden pothos has golden yellow designs on the leaves. It’s said that this plant is native to Solomon Islands and several parts of southeast Asia.  Golden pothos can be a vine with green stems that produce heart-shaped leaves with golden variegation. Nearly all of the golden pothos grown as houseplants are situated to have entire leaves which have a maximum length of around five inches. But, adult golden pothos leaves is often as long as twenty inches and it’s primarily observed in its natural habitat.

However, if these pothos plants can grow on trees, then, the plant may grow to its adult form. Apart from the larger size, the leaves of adult pothos may be pinnated. In other words, the leaves may have dissections that start from the outer margins and set you back the midrib. Even the golden color on the leaves develop only if the plant is wholesome and hearty. Otherwise, you may find only green leaves on the golden pothos.

Even though they originate from a tropical habitat, golden pothos plants are found to get adapted to a quantity of expanding circumstances and this makes it one of the generally found tropical houseplants. Another advantage of this plant is that, it can be grown in hanging baskets, on tree trunks, like a ground covering, can be grown upright with stakes, or like a stand alone potted plant on a desk. There are numerous various ways to grow golden pothos. Make use of them and accomplish a basic idea about golden pothos, let us take a look at how to care for golden pothos.

Even though, golden pothos is a tough plant, proper care is always good to get a healthier plant. As far as golden pothos can be involved, you have to take care of certain factors, like light, water, trimming, and so on. While too much sunlight can cause dropping of leaves, partial sun or vibrant indirect light will be good for the plant. You may also provide your golden pothos with one or couple of hours of vibrant sunlight. Low light conditions may minimize or nullify the yellow variegations in the leaves of this plant.

Over watering may sometimes cause root and stem rot. So, it is usually better to completely water the plant as soon as a week or as when needed. If the soil turns dry, the leaves are certain to get rubbery. Throughout winters water less. Another aspect of golden pothos care is feeding, which can be done once a month, with a commercial plant fertilizer. In the case of an indoor golden pothos, trimming will probably be needed to keep the plant bushy.

How to propagate golden pothos? This really is one of the frequently asked questions about this plant. Propagation is usually done with stem cuttings planted in rooting medium. Roots may form in water too. Plant the rooted cuttings in pots with well drained soil. Repotting can be accomplished throughout the spring. Golden pothos is usually found to be resistant to bugs and diseases. Wiping the leaves with a damp cloth, weekly will be beneficial to ward off insects. In a nutshell, golden pothos may be one of the best addendum to your garden or indoors. This can be a non messy plant, with minimal requirements. Another advantage of this plant is that, it is said to have air cleaning properties and so, are preferred for indoors.

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