What Indoor Plants Do For You

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Many people may not know that working in front of a computer for more than four hours a day in the presence of indoor plants, actually leads to the improvement in their work productivity by more than ten percent, plus importantly there is an improvement in the health too.

It is good to have  indoor plants in our home and offices particularly when they are air-conditioned or enclosed.  First and foremost, they enable us to concentrate better and release stress which enhances our overall productivity.  Indoor plants re-circulate the chemicals which are emitted by furniture, fixtures, paints and solvents that cause dizziness, lack of concentration, and headaches.  The amount of oxygen which plants release  helps us  to plan and think in a better, more positive way,  energizes the body, improves our performance, and most importantly it reduces  the most common ailments caused by the chemicals:  headaches, nose and throat irritation.

Surprisingly, indoor plants in a closed ventilated office or near a computer, have a low maintenance cost as compared to the huge outdoor plants. Certain indoor plants like ferns and cactus do not require watering on regular basis.  Indoor plants need a comparatively small space.  They can be wall mounted, kept in the corner or placed on a side table. Having indoor plants creates a warm and friendly atmosphere and helps the surroundings to be more cheerful and relaxed.

Selecting indoor plants involves being able to assess the light conditions of the place where you want to put your plants as well as the humidity of the overall area.  You would not want to install a plant that requires good light in an office where there is medium light.  The plant will not do well and the benefits of having the plant will not be realized.  Many companies rely on the expertise of professional plantscaping experts.  Using the services of a professional interior plantcare company insures you will have the proper plants in your office and through a regularly scheduled maintenance program they will be perfectly maintained and the cost of replacements eliminated.

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