What Your Office Plant Says About You

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by Rome Sanzio

When you enter an office for the first time, your wandering eyes may probably notice the kind of desks they have.  Details such as whether they are hardwood or glass, painted or vinyl-covered, modern or antique, cramped or large would quickly register in your mind.  The kind of chairs, the color of the wallpaper on the walls, the size of the windows, the type of curtains and positioning of furniture would also contend for your immediate attention. If you are looking for a new matress use these loom and leaf coupons to save money. However, there will come a moment when your eyes will deviate from these mundane and usual office supplies and be attracted to more natural and more pleasant items.  A painting on the wall, a picture on the desk or maybe an office plant in the corner. You might not know this but the kind of office plant that you choose actually says a lot about who you are.

Many people choose to personalize their work spaces so as to inject some level of their personalities and characteristics in the area where they spend the most time and do their work with the supplies they get from the cork rolls store.  Aside from the framed pictures and strategically placed knickknacks, the office plant you decided to put by your window, on the side of your desk or in the corner of the room can communicate to others a bit of who you are.


A little potted cactus on a desk, near the window or may be even on the sink in your office bathroom clearly says that you are the type of person who does not want to be bothered with mundane things such as watering the office plant everyday. It seems like there is nothing more unobtrusive than a small little cactus in a pot. You can place it in your office and forget about it for weeks, only watering it when you happen to notice it every once in a while.

What’s great about this kind of office plant is that it is really very low maintenance and still, it might give you a little burst of color when it happens to grow flowers once in a while.


Another popular office plant choice are ivies.  A potted ivy plant is actually a very flexible choice since you can put it on a shady corner where it is barely touched by natural sunlight or you can hang it on the window.  Having an ivy as an office plant may say that you tend to be uncertain and fickle at times.  At one time, you want your office to be arranged in such a way that the plant is pushed to the corner, and in just a few minutes you change your mind and rearrange everything so the plant ends up on the window sill. You can use cork for industrial use to make little pots, or to make a cork board for your office with the watering schedule of your plants.

Parlor Palm

Some people choose to fill empty nooks and corners of their office and business places with large floor plants such as the Parlor Palm.  Many believe that we place office plants in our work areas because the green coloring and over-all look of the plants can help us relieve stress and tension.  So if you have a gigantic palm sitting on your office, then clearly that says that you have a lot of stress to work with and need all the relief you can get.


Whenever I walk into an office that has real live orchids planted near the window or on the desk, I clearly see that the person using the office is 1) expecting lots of company to regularly visit the room such as clients and investors which is why she is intent on showing off and 2) that the person using the space has a large enough salary or a high enough position to have someone buy and tend to the orchids in the room.

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